Gas Rough-in and Fit-off’s

Gas Rough-in
The term ‘rough in’ describes the installation of a building’s plumbing, Gas and electrical services in wall cavities, and under floor before the walls are lined with plasterboard and floors are laid. Its important that plumbing pipes are properly installed. The result of improper work on gas pipes and gas joints can have serious consequences such as unhealthy leaks and worst case even fires and or explosions.

Gas Fit-off
The fit-off is the usually final stage for your plumbing and gas service on your renovation or new build . This is when we install all of your gas appliance such as gas stove, oven, hot water system, and install fixtures such as gas Bayonet for a bbq point. the water heater, hooking up the fireplaces and other gas appliances. This is also the time that the gassfitter will test and commission your gas appliances.

​Weather you need to run new gas lines for a kitchen renovations or you need the whole house to be roughed in, our experienced tradesmen can do the job.