Pre Purchase Report

Existing plumbing and drainage issues can be costly and are often only discovered once you or your tenants are living in a property. Don’t pay for poor or incorrect plumbing. Call JT’s plumbing and to arrange a pre purchase plumbing inspection. It can give you peace of mind and could save you thousands. Most people get a building and pest inspection before settling the purchase of a property however most of us don’t realise that a building and pest does not do a compressive check of plumbing services.

​We will check and provide you with a Condition report on:

  • Taps, mixers and fixtures
  • Water lines
  • Sinks, tubs and vanity plumbing and drainage
  • Toilets and cisterns
  • gutters and downpipes.
  • Comprehensive Hot Water Heater check, including date, life expectancy and valves check.
  • Pressure test to determine adequate water supply or underlying issues
  • Surface water report checking adequate drainage is in place.
  • Inspection of ventilation systems